We’d like to say our origins can be traced back to Genghis Khan, but that’s only partly true. For those of you old enough to remember, we started out with a create-your-own-stir-fry concept called Mongolian Barbeque. Lots of fun but it was difficult to get the 8-foot iron grill set up in a shopping centre or motorway service station, let alone all the horses, swords, and associated weaponry you need these days. So we looked for something simpler that allowed us to pursue our love of healthy tasty Asian food that used fresh ingredients. The result was Chozen Noodle.





The aim is to provide customers with a range of dishes that reflect the diversity of Asia. So we took some of our favourites from Thailand and matched them with recipes from Japan, Malaysia and China.


  • We wanted to make everything ourselves, so we directly source all the vegetables, herbs and spices used to make the sauces that go with the dishes. The menu is deliberately limited to 8-10 dishes at any one time. This enables us to execute on freshness and quality.


  • On the people front we reflect the international flavour of our food with a great team collected from around the world. We want to grow our business in a similar way and so operate our own locations but encourage people who reflect our values and goals to become Chozen Franchisees.

World domination is not part of the plan as we think that messes with the pleasure/purpose dynamic but we have got as far as Falkirk. Any feedback good, bad or ugly always gets a reply, some printable some not – feedback@chozen.co.uk.


Yours truly

The Head Yak Driver